The Ardèche department has been known and well-liked for its landscapes and leisure activities in nature. It now also intends to become a first-class cultural heritage destination. It is important to offer a good welcome, with a step change in the quality of infrastructure, attracting new visitors, especially foreigners, and art and heritage enthusiasts throughout the year.
Improving and networking key sites such as the Grand Site of France L’Aven d’Orgnac (opening its renewed Prehistoric Museum), Combe d’Arc, and Alba La Romaine (museum opened in 2013) has been started. This process also involves other sectors such as training, tourism, transport (reflections on soft transport modes), food processing (short supply chains) and art professions. Close to 40 million euros will be invested over 5 years.

The application involves the painted Chauvet Cave, as well as the area bordering the so-called plain of Combe d’Arc and the natural arch locally named Pont-d’Arc which is crossed throughout by the river.