Specific aids

Aid programme to modernise the traditional hotel industry: 50 hotel projects for € 1 million of public aid since the signature of the convention territoriale d’application (spatial application agreement) (2008-2011 period)
Training programme for tourism professionals (ADT programme for the 2012-2014 period)
Multi-year programme for running and strengthening the “villages with character” programme launched in 2011 (under ADT steering)
Project to expand and modernise the department park of Salavas in order to attract school clients

Programme to support 37 local heritage projects launched in 2010 as part of the heritage call for tenders:

  • Renovate the Vieux Vallon feudal site
  • Renovate the Alphonse Daudet Museum in Saint Alban Auriolles
  • Create a heritage trail from Viviers to Saint Montan
  • Renovate the surroundings of Roure Castle in Labastide de Virac
  • Enhance Montselgue Church
  • Renovate the castle square in Vogüé …

Movement survey aiming mainly to improve accessibility and how the southern Ardèche operates, encourage intermodal transport and the use of public transport. Survey conducted from 2011 to 2012.
A study aiming to encourage the use of local high-quality products in the future catering area of the Chauvet Cave 2 (project to create an Ardèche menu . . . ). Study conducted by the Food Processing Development Centre.
Survey of the future needs of companies related to the arrival of the ERHC and the establishment of the first training modules in 2012. Survey conducted by the Maison de l’Emploi (employment centre)

Partnerships must be forged between the Chauvet Cave 2 and flagship sites such as the Orgnac Prehistory Museum