The how and who of the Chauvet cave replica

In cooperation with architects, Scène is coordinating the work on the replica. This work requires a combination of scientific knowledge, geometric data, artistic sensitivity, and cutting-edge stage-setting techniques. The various reproductions are assessed by the International Scientific Committee. The committee is chaired by the prehistorian Jean Clottes (Scientific Research Director of the original Chauvet cave from 1998 to 2006).

The Chauvet cave Replica combines landscape mortar and resin for a more faithful reconstruction of the underground environment. Tmis is different from other reproductions of caves such as Lascaux II (pneumatically placed concrete) and Altamira in Spain (resin). A dozen trades, true artists, painters and sculptors are working on the construction site.

This technical challenge requires several skills: project management and technology, making resin panels, geological and bone components and creating the decor. Everything has been designed to make the visitor experience as immersive as possible.

 Le plafond de la salle des Bauges coloré par les pientres de AAB @ Grand Projet La Caverne du Pont-d'Arc

The ceiling of the Wallow Room coloured by AAB painters © Grand Projet La Caverne du Pont-d’Arc

Several skills in one place

Les project managers are the architects Fabre-Speller  Atelier 3Aand the entire construction is coordinated by the consortium SOCRA-Campenon Bernard Régions, from the group Vinci Construction France

The synthesis and technical development of the project is led by Campenon Bernard Régionwith the support of the Method Department, the Topographic Department, the firm Guy Pérazio and Créatime.

The painted panels were created by Arc et Os (Alain Dalis), Création Graphique(Gilles Tosello) and Déco-Diffusion. These panels have been placed in a reconstructed cave occupying 8,180 m² that Freyssinet-Cofex-AAB created and sculpted. The geological components are created and installed by PhénomènesCossima-Dasplat created and installed the bones.

Les panneaux pariétaux sont réalisés à Montignac et Toulouse par Arc et Os et Gilles Tosello puis installés sur le site par Deco Diffusion et enfin intégrés au décor par les sculpteurs de AAB – @ Grand Projet La Caverne du Pont-d’Arc

The cave panels are made in Montignac and in Toulouse by Arc et Os and Gilles Tosello. Deco Diffusion then installs them on site, and AAB sculptors place them amongst the decor – © Grand Projet La Caverne du Pont-d’Arc